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  4. King Long Buses Outshine in Shanghai - Three King Long new energy buses on exhibition at 2017 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition

King Long Buses Outshine in Shanghai - Three King Long new energy buses on exhibition at 2017 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition


On August 9, the 2017 Shanghai International Bus Exhibition was opened ceremoniously at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Themed by “Creating green buses and establishing energy-conservation and environmental-friendly concept”, this exhibition centrally exhibited diversified development achievements in the energy-conservation and new energy field both home and abroad. As a leading bus manufacturer, King Long participated gorgeously in this exhibition with three City Lights new-energy buses, namely XMQ6127G series pure-electric city bus, XMQ6127G fuel/electric hybrid city bus, and XMQ6850G gas/electric hybrid city bus, to all-round demonstrate the outstanding achievements of King Long in the energy-conservation and new energy field with luxury product lineup.

Adhering to the concept of “A city-changing light”, the City Lights is committed to emerging from the city culture and becoming the most unique city name card. The City Lights series product covers the traditional power, clean energy, hybrid, and pure electric buses in diversified models of BRT, large bus, medium bus, and mini-bus with length of 6~18m. The ECO-Chip 2.0 system equipped on the buses provides the customers with intelligent management and remote monitoring.

Three City Lights new energy buses on exhibition this time feature modern and elegant appearance, extensive overall space, and intimate and humanized upholstery. The whole series bus takes the traveling safeguard as primary goal and adopts the 3H structure, birdcage type frame, and cathode electrophoresis treatment. The automatic transmission, ergonomic driver seat, and new pedals equipped build a comfortable driving experience. The optimized arrangement of front wall and interior access ports and electric harnesses make the repairs easier.

In addition to the inheritance of the beautiful and practical appearance of this series, XMQ6127G pure-electric city bus adopts the lightweight aluminum allow air ducts, perforated aluminum plastic roof panels, aluminum side compartment doors, and aluminum frame sliding windows to reduce the weight by 10% compared with traditional materials and lower the energy consumption and improve the benefits. The LED tandem roof lamp arranged within the vehicle, the soft material dashboard, and the imported plastic flooring feature high grade and elegance and turn the image of traditional city buses. The air-cushioned artificial leather driver seat and the rearview mirrors with steel holders provide an extraordinary driving experience while safeguarding the traveling safety. In terms of power performance, the optional multi-mode charging mode can guarantee 210km operation by merely 20min charging time.

The XMQ6127G fuel/electric hybrid bus in the City Lights series is equipped with City Lights special seats and with handrails and ring handles. Its extensive interior space handles diversified operation environments with ease. The interior is equipped with preformed upholstery, front/middle double pneumatic inward-swinging doors, and aluminum side compartment doors to reduce body weight and lower energy consumption. The mechanical adjustable driver seat, the aluminum frame sliding windows (Driver window and side windows), and the square roof lamps and soft material dashboard provide the driver with a more comfortable working environment while guaranteeing the traveling safety. In terms of battery, the 15min rapid charging can ensure the 50km operation of the bus. Under the lab conditions, the pure-electric mode of this bus can drive >90km mileage.

As the main model of City Lights series, XMQ6850G gas/electric hybrid City Lights bus adopts the optimized overall arrangement and can be equipped with optional trickle charging or rapid charging battery to maximize the operation efficiency. The independently developed King Long intelligent cooling system is equipped to effectively reduce the energy consumption of vehicle. The high voltage components, including battery, are completely isolated from the passenger zone to ensure the safety of passengers. The independent double power supply system and the convenient charging method truly realize the ultra-low emission while achieving energy-conservation.

Following the strategic adjustment of new energy market, the new energy bus market has gradually turned to the tough competition among the bus manufacturers. The competition mode that the products and the quality prevail is already on the way. King Long always adheres to the development source of products and develops with all efforts by hardworking R&D of products and technologies and development mode of modular, platform, and whole-process digital management, with a purpose of solving the difficulties in the actual operation, fundamentally changing the current situation of new energy bus market, and establishing the market benchmarking.