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Escort the BRICS, We are Acting!


To ensure the smooth holding of the Summit, all Xiamen citizens have striven for days and nights, and it’s their sweats shaped the Xiamen today.

King Long, the native gold brand in Xiamen, also strove in the frontline to prepare for escorting the BRICS like masters serving their guests coming from afar.

Serving for the Summit with honor and responsibility

Commuting assurance is a key point in the Summit preparation. King Long shouldered heavy responsibility in this Summit. It is not only to ensure the normal functioning of public transport vehicles, but also to fulfill related commuting assurance in high standard & requirements for the Summit.

In July, a batch of new energy buses was input in Xiamen to realize green transport, including 242 King Long new energy buses. That batch of new energy buses were all delivered before July. This “overall renewal” aims at realizing “zero emission” for the Summit and protecting the good environment of Xiamen. Except for the above overall renewal, King Long also provided 233 high quality coaches in different types to receive & serve the distinguished guests from the BRICS.

With honor and responsibility, King Long had set up a service assurance command center for coaches served the Summit in Xiamen Island to carry out first-line overall assurance directly. In addition, King Long also dispatched a service team consisting of backbones to prevent and wipe out hidden dangers, strive for “zero fault for vehicles and services”, ensure safe & reliable running of vehicles during the Summit and show the strength of “Made in China”.

To fully guarantee the smooth completion of Summit, we are acting

Traffic is the lifeblood of a city. To ensure the smooth public transport during the Summit, King Long dispatched many operations specialists to fully check the 3013 King Long couches in service in Xiamen City, collect vehicle failure problems and record their frequency. For coaches with serious potential risks, the specialists will inform the user to stop the coach and require repairing the problematic coaches immediately.

What’s more, King Long had launched over ten trainings on the driving, safety overhauling and maintenance of new energy vehicles at Xiamen Public Transport Group and its subsidiaries and branches within nearly two months to guarantee the safe & smooth running of vehicles during the Summit.

King Long attached equal importance to the vehicles and the logistics. As for logistics, 0.8 million spare parts are added, and 5 million spare parts in Xiamen base are stored. King Long prepared adequately to fully support the Summit. Moreover, King Long combined with its key suppliers to establish an on-call Logistical Support Team in Xiamen, so as to provide service at the first time.

Escort by technology and guarantee commuting by intelligence

There is an intelligent and special member in the Logistical Support Team——“Intelligent Cloud Service Platform”, a self-developed vehicle networking technology by King Long. Through the platform, technicians can realize real-time monitoring of the running conditions of over 200 coaches for the Summit and 1345 new energy vehicles of Xiamen Public Transport Group. Through the platform, the logistics team can clearly monitor the real-time running state, residual capacity, charging & discharging state, position, voltage, current and other information at any time.

On the monitor in the service command center, instant vehicle condition information of all vehicles is shown around the clock. If faulted contents are shown on the monitor, the logistics team will immediately send the information of faulted vehicle to the standby emergency repair team, which will arrive at the site within 30min wherever the faulted vehicle is. Quick & effective response will firmly support the running of vehicles and ensure the smooth traffic during the Summit.

Devoting spirit, label of staffs of the King Long

The rigorous & efficient service for the Summit cannot be separated from the devotion of King Long. Since the establishment of the logistics team, the team is required to work from 6:00 to 00:00 (nearly 18 work hours per day), and in case of any emergency, the team has to work overtime without any delay.

Staffs of King Long are accustomed to work from dawn to night, even later; working under high temperature in summer is very common. They are always sweating all over and may suffer from heat exhaustion occasionally. Nevertheless, the team members are still motivated and passionate to fulfill the lengthy and hard logistics. Not just because it’s an arduous task in the special period, King Long has the responsibility and duty to maintain the city card of Xiamen.

The harder they work, the more satisfied they are as the value they created. Even in wee hours, the logistics team is still working. The team members have devoted so much only to escort the BRICS Summit and to keep the great honor of King Long and of Xiamen.