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King Long, From Chinese Brand to Word Brand, the "BRICS Dream" of Chinese Brand


“On this global political, economic, sport and cultural exchange platform, King Long, the travel service provider of the BRICS Summit, successfully completed the service task for world-class event with “ingenious” quality and “national bus” mission. A few days ago, after completing the travel service for the ninth meeting of BRICS’s leaders, the principal of the Kong Long Coach in an interview with a reporter said:

As the domestic famous coach manufacturer, King Long undertook a very important role for the BRICS Xiamen Summit with “zero fault” quality and “zero mistake” logistics and showed the great image of Chinese coach to the world.

Striving forward and winning trust by “zero fault”

With the acceleration of globalization, exchange & cooperation among countries are increasing, and the global economy will be more linked. The auto industry is a mainstay industry of Chinese economy. It facilitates China to become the industrial power from the industrial country and promotes the immeasurable development of Chinese economy. After almost 30 years’ endeavor, King Long turned into a world brand and formed an integral part of world coach industry. Up to now, King Long’s products have exported to over 130 countries and districts in the world and brought convenient travel service to local passengers.

“As a native enterprise in Xiamen, King Long is obliged to and is able to provide excellent products and services for the BRICS Xiamen Summit. It’s both a supreme honor and a heavy duty!” For this Summit, King Long elaborately selected 233 commercial vehicles of top quality and comfort from its numerous product series to the Summit Group, the principal of the King Long explained. Before then, King Long had provided 242 new energy buses to the Xiamen Public Transport Group to form a green bus ecosystem and escort the Xiamen Summit.

It is known that, since selected as service vehicles for “the Two Sessions” in 2001, King Long has served “the Two Sessions” 17 years in a row. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, King Long provided 2000 coaches and served for continuous 60 days with “zero fault”, which wins trust of wide users.

In addition, King Long shouldered heavy responsibilities in many international and domestic important events such as 2012 London Olympic Games, Commemorating 70th Anniversary of the Victories of War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japan and the World Anti-Fascism War and Shanghai World Expo. King Long has served important events for hundreds of times. The successful service for Xiamen Summit proves the strength of King Long again.

Spirit of the craftsman, strength of the rigorous products

The reporter learned in the interview that there are four models (Kingo-L, Kingte, XMQ6105AY and XMQ6125HY) served in the Xiamen Summit, and each model served different guests based on its own features.

In the four models, Kingo-L is positioned on the reception of high & mid official and commercial groups and tourism market for its dense business atmosphere, and is a first-choice vehicle model in OBM high-end light bus. The electric Kingo bus had served the first National Youth Games and the China EV100. Kingte van highlights distinguished style from the integral business view side window, luxury aero seats, high top design and other tiny points.

In March, King Long firstly launched the new series XMQ6105AY highway coach. Based on previous generation model, engine accessories, safety devices, power supply and other over ten details have been optimized, with 55 items improved. The XMQ6105AY and XMQ6125HY form the “core force” of the new classical series V of King Long Couch and are jointly selected as the service assurance coaches. Five upgrades such as economical, safe, comfortable, environmental and convenient are realized for the two types of products on the basis of development & innovation of classical series V products which are best sold for 16 years.

The principal said that to ensure the top quality of products, King Long staffs seriously treat every production links with spirit of the craftsman. “Generally, coaches should be provided with 50km road test before serving the Summit, but we had provided additional 200~400km road test to ensure absolute safety.”

Accomplishment of its mission, escort the Xiamen Summit with “zero mistake”

“We have set up service assurance command center for coaches served for the Summit in Xiamen Island to carry out first-line overall assurance directly.” “During the preparatory period of the Summit, we have dispatched many operations specialists to fully check the 3013 King Long couches in service in Xiamen City. For coaches with serious potential risks, the specialists will inform the user to stop the coach and require repairing the problematic coaches immediately.” the principal of King Long said.

As for logistics, 0.8 million spare parts are added, and 5 million spare parts in Xiamen base are stored. Moreover, King Long combined with its key suppliers to establish an on-call Logistical Support Team in Xiamen, so as to provide service at the first time and realize “zero fault for vehicles and services”.

It is worth mentioning that there is an intelligent and special member in the Logistical Support Team——“Intelligent Cloud Service Platform”, a self-developed vehicle networking technology by King Long. Through the platform, technicians can realize real-time monitoring of the running conditions of over 200 coaches for the Summit and 1345 new energy vehicles of Xiamen Public Transport Group, so as to respond immediately. “It was the close cooperation of various measures that finally made the escort mission for the Xiamen Summit with the perfect achievement of “zero mistakes.” The principal of King Long said.

It is said that King Long will again serve the CIFIT held at shore of Xiamen after the escort mission for the BRICS. The principal added that King Long will set off from the BRICS, look to the “Belt and Road” and develop globally.